Passover Ideas - Apple Charoset with Ginger

Apple Haroset with Ginger great recipe for a sweet Passover dessert Here’s a great recipe for a sweet Passover dessert for the whole family: (Recipe for cooking in a jar) Ingredients: Thinly-sliced apple Handful of chopped walnuts 3 centimeters of ginger root Half cup of sugar Half cup of water Half cup of mashed apples Recipe directions: Scrape the fiber-less ginger using a grater with small holes. Heat the water, sugar, the cut-up apple and ginger meat and bring to a boil until the liquid softens and the apple contracts. Add the nuts to the rest of the ingredients, (when the mixture is no longer hot) mix and pour into a jar. Have a happy and sweet holiday! #If you would like it to be les

Chocolate Spoons recipe

Ingredients: 100g chocolate 70 mL sweet whip cream Recipe instructions: Boil the cream on bain-marie, (bowl in a pan of water on the stove) Add the chocolate and mix until the dough is smooth. Stabilize the spoons so that they’re straight, pour into the spoons, and decorate. Insert cooling to stabilize, arrange and serve to guests. For the adult version, you can add a little alcohol such as brandy or liqueur after getting a stable cream of cocoa and chocolate and decorate with a sieve. The resulting taste will be more bitter thanks to the alcohol and cocoa…In one word - amazing! Enjoy! Patisserie shef: Or Ben Oliel: Photography, and editing: Eyal Gamili H

Kiss on a Stick - Family Passover Ideas

Kiss on a Stick Ingredients: 100g Proteins 150g sugar A little lemon juice A little vanilla extract Recipe: Preheat oven to 100 degrees. Heat the bain marie the egg whites and sugar and stir non-stop with a whisk until the mass becomes watery and begins to foam off white. Transfer the blend to the mixer and begin to whisk the egg whites on high speed. After half a minute, stop the mixer, add the lemon juice and vanilla and continue till the texture is constant, white and shiny. Connect a pastry bag with a star nozzle to the bag. Place pop kix sticks or cardboard upon the mold with baking paper. Drip the meringue over each end of the sticks and sprinkle with candy. Preheat the oven to 10

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