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Meet Our chefs

Our team of chefs knows how to provide the most creative content for your products. With their help, you'll be able to come up with recipes specifically tailored for your products. These will provide the public a thrilling browsing experience and thrust your marketing message into the public eye effectively and deliciously. Of course you could also promote physical products using video recipes and kitchen products that we offer.


Holiday recipes are also an excellent idea for advertisers interested in PR for a product with a particular association. We’re in the process of creating a series of 6-12 Internet cooking recipe shows which will air throughout the year. Our Website and Facebook audience will be specifically targeted. The recipes we create are aimed at promoting and enriching your brand and immediately attracting consumers to it.


Besides the services mentioned above, we also offer:


- Private cooking classes
- Brand advertising
- Private cooking lessons with a professional chef
- Creation of recipes combined with key ingredients
- Lectures
- Concept Productions
- Corporate events and private functions
- Cocktail events
- Barbecue/Asado

Or Ben Oliel


The pastry chef (“Loopy Cookie”) who’s worked as the pastry chef at Elite as well as the presenter of “Mekupelet,” another large restaurant chain, comes up with original weekly recipes for the media., Instagram, our Youtube channel and other social media outlets. Over the last two years, he’s gained a lot of new followers—mostly women and children who enjoy cooking, creativity and new ideas.


Nof Atamna-Ismaeel

Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, an Arab-Israeli scientist and mother of three, is the new winner of the celebrated ‘Master Chef Israel’ TV program. She is this week’s choice for the weekly ‘Faces of Israel’ feature. 

Ronen Aflalo


Ronen adds a personal touch to his recipes. He thinks “outside the box” and doesn’t fixate on one way of doing things.  His passion is to get up in the morning and make people smile, so it makes sense to expect unique combinations like strawberry-cilantro or whiskey-chestnuts in his repertoire. You should also keep in mind that his restaurant, Emilia "isn’t just a factory, but also features an adjacent chocolate studio as well and a gift shop."



Benny Ben Israel

 Benny Ben Israel: Benny acquired his knowledge in the field of gastronomy while studying 


at the leading cooking schools in Italy and Brussels. This was accompanied by research 

and a constantly deepening understanding of food and European culture. He later 

completed his MA studies at the University of Haifa in Planning and Development of Tourist 

Resources. His dual passion for food and Italy as well as the knowledge he acquired in this 

subject took on a deep, professional expression when Benny established MoltoBen with the 

goal of intriguing his customers and preparing them for a fascinating encounter with the 

of Italy.wonders


Shachar Devach

Molecular cooking

Single molecular genius, Shachar instructs students in Israel and around the world on the subject of molecular cooking.  He worked at the Danish "Numa" restaurant which is ranked #1 in the world. Today, Shachar is the owner of a molecular catering company for special occasions that he founded at the age of 22. He has recently opened an online molecular cooking shop.

Photo of Shachar
by: Hadas Hefetz Leserowitz for



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Pauline Shoval

Food Talent

Pauline covers food for a number of renowned Israeli magazines as well as a Spanish dessert manufacturing company "Churro." Pauline's cooking connects the East to the West; the French and the Asian

Tom Franz

Master Chef of Israel

Tom Franz combines the German, Spanish, Italian and Israeli cuisines. His dream is to cook up a meal for Moses, and when he returns to his family in Germany, his suitcase is always filled with hummus and pita. Meet Tom Franz, Master Chef of Israel.

Chef Batz

Professional chef

Chef Batz is a professional chef with years of experience in private events. He’d like to offer you a unique culinary experience that will excite your senses and leave you yearning for more.

Chef Oren Yerushalmi

Chef Oren Yerushalmi, a graduate of the award-winning “Lenotre” Culinary and Pastry 

School in France, worked until recently in the kitchens of the top New York restaurants such 


as Cafe Bouley, Grey and Wd50. Chef Oren cooks up a mean Mediterranean cuisine that 

some nifty French cooking techniques.features


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