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Develop food content marketing strategy like the Big Brands

Big brands have large marketing departments with experts on food photography, food marketing trends, social media, cooking and food video production, and much more. So analysing what they do is a great shortcut to kickstart your own top food social media campaigns. In fact, the great thing about content marketing is that it is effective for culinary businesses of all sizes.

Create content that speaks to what your targeted customers really want

It might sound simple, but to make consumers choose your products over your competitors, your content marketing should tell them more than just; “our products taste good…”

Have a look at this campaign we created for Maille. Here we produced a series of videos featuring mouth watering food photography showing quick and easy recipes with Maille’s mustards. The videos are all between 40-50 seconds  — perfect for sharing on social media. But the short format was intentionally chosen to show just how quick and easy you can prepare a delicious meal with a few ingredients — and Maille’s mustard of course.

What Maille’s customers really want are recipes that everyone can follow to cook easy delicious dishes in a matter of minutes. We developed the format as well as the content of the campaign to speak to these wants and get the attention of consumers.


Know when to post

There is no definitive right or wrong answer to the question of when to post your content. It depends on when your targeted audience is using social media, how crowded (competitive) their feed is at certain time slots, and whether they check their social media feeds Monday morning when arriving at work or only during their spare time? The best approach is to try out different days of the week and times of the day to find out which posts get the most views/likes/comments/etc. Once you have found the best performing time slot for your content, stick with it so your viewers/readers get used to receiving consistent content from you.

How often should you be posting?

Consistency does NOT mean frequency. By that I mean that you should not be focusing exclusively on posting as much content as possible and forgetting about the quality of your content. If you choose to post longer format video content with a high production quality, you don’t have to post as frequently as if you post short Instagram stories. The key is to find the right balance between quantity and quality, and that you’ll only learn through trial and error.

The road to develop the perfect food content marketing campaign for your brand takes some time and effort in the beginning, and requires that you monitor and track your campaign continuously. At we specialise on helping food brands create high quality content that drives costumers to your sales channels.


Are you launching your first food content campaign? Then you can bypass the initial learning process and common pitfalls by enlisting the expertise of a professional food video production company like FOO-FOOD.COM. Contact us today and start posting content backed by professional recipe developers, food photographers, and food stylists.

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