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Culinary Training Video Production

  • HD Video Capture & Production

  • Food Photography

  • Food Time-lapse Photography

  • Food and Beverage Photography

"Learning never exhausts the mind"
-Leonardo da Vinci

One-Stop Training Video Production

Why is quality training video production crucial to your business?

Training video production is a key aspect of providing a cost-effective, time-saving way of teaching your employees the ropes and avoiding tedious in-person lectures. A vast majority of people in today's quick-paced society prefer fun YouTube presentations to sitting through dreary training exercises. Perhaps the biggest advantage of training videos is that they can be reused over and over again for diverse audiences spanning multiple time zones and franchise units.


The Foo-Food advantage is an international videography/content production agency spanning three continent and over 20 locations worldwide. Our wealth of expertise in the creative sphere allows us to offer a training video production service that includes all phases of production from script writing, voice-over, actor selection, and sound to video editing and marketing campaigns. 


Our competitive edge

  • Complete training video production process under one roof

  • Competitive market prices

  • Decades of experience in all aspects of the training vid production


Script writing offers a team of content marketing writers tasked with creating original scripts for your training vids that tell your company's story clearly and precisely and the least amount of time. This greatly increases employees' capacity to maintain interest for the complete duration of the presentation, enabling them to make practical use of it on the job.


Voice-over artists & effects

We have worked with over 50 voice-over artists over the years and know which ones are best suited for specific business niches such as fast food chains and clothing stores, or furniture and software firms. Our expertise in music video production and strict attention to detail also allow us to evaluate key components of training vids, ensuring glitches and production errors are avoided. 


Our Business Motto

Our name means the world to us so we approach each and every client with the goal of providing them the best possible service for the lowest possible price. We place special emphasis on listening to our clients' requests in order to get the work done right the first time, saving customers' money in the process.   

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