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Food Photographer Food Videographer
Food Photographer Food Videographer
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Resort & Hotel Photography

We create authentic and engaging videos that tell your business story

As a hotel photography firm, we specialize in presenting your hotel story at a glance. Market research indicates that short, powerful videos are the most effective method hotels can use to share their value, services, and amenities with potential guests. For that reason, our business focuses exclusively on marketing videography.

“One advantage of photography is that it's visual and can transcend language.”
-Lisa Kristine


We offer a professional team with years of videography experience behind them. We have shot over a dozen marketing videos for hotels and know how to capture the unique romance, mood, and quirks of a hotel.


By employing the latest video technology and methodology, we provide potential guests with the best available visual image of your property. Many clients see an exponential increase in reservations following professional videography development.


- We begin by interviewing your decision-making team. We try to get a good understanding of who you are, what makes your hotel unique, your target

audience, and if you have any property-specific needs. 


- We review your current market exposure (this includes social media, more

“traditional” media such as press coverage and news ads, YouTube presence,

etc.) and compare it to your competitors. This helps us come up with the best

possible message.


- Based on your advice, we establish the core message of your marketing

video. This will be closely related to the impression you want your guests to

obtain as soon as they arrive at your website. 


- We start planning your shoot based on the discussions and research we’ve

carried out. It’s critical that the final product reflects the type of image you want to

convey and pinpoints the areas your client base is interested in seeing.


- Having arrived on the property, we do a walk-through with you and fine-tune

the details of the shoot, taking all details such as camera angles and lighting

into account.


- The video shoot. It will be carried out with all your requirements in mind and in the

amount of time allotted for the shoot.


- We will work on all aspects of the video including post production and editing and

finish the project in the amount of time agreed upon.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements

Our promise to you:
We will provide you a marketing video you’re satisfied with - or your money back.



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