We want to help you not only engage your audience but also achieve your brand’s full potential. The result … authentic brand stories that are shared, spread, and retold by followers, fans, and brand advocates.

Pre Production 

●    You will supply the info that you will discuss: your background, your location, your shop, your vision, the recipes you are planning to display, and the items you are interested in advertising.
●    We will carry out the research and concept development based on your needs as well as the information you share with us.
●    We will create a visual concept outline to demonstrate our goals and mission to you.
●    You will be asked to approve the visual presentation of the concept we will be planning to shoot.   
●    We will book 2 days to shoot and will begin preparing the equipment, logistic, flight tickets, etc.  


●    Day of arrival: We will arrive at your nearest airport, book a rental car, and arrive at your location to unload the equipment (if it’s convenient for you at that time; if not, we will go to the hotel, and schedule a meeting the following day).
●    First Day Shoot: We will begin working at 8 a.m. and carry out the video shoot over the duration of a 10-12H working day.
●    Second Day Shoot: We will begin working at 8 a.m. and carry out the video shoot over the duration of a 10-12H working day.

Post Production 

●    We will return to base and start working on the editing of the project.
●    We will complete the first draft (without music) and send it to you for approval.
●    After you’ve approved our work, we will create the background soundtrack along with the sound effects + logo animation, titles, and credits. We will send you the last master for approval.
●    The end – we will send you the link with the photo stills.



●    The project requires a signature for model release.
●    Our rates do include styling by our team, but you are welcome to hire your own food stylist at your expense.
●    What you see is what you get (i.e., clip above)
●    All rights without limitation (including intellectual property rights and copyright) are the exclusive property of the photographer.
●    We will take care of all the logistics. We will be responsible for transporting ourselves and our luggage from the airport to your location.
●    We will book a hotel in the nearest vicinity to the shoot.
●    We will sign a commercial agreement and start working after your deposit.
●    Time of delivery: 29 business days from the moment of return to base.
●    Additional payment for TV or cinema media use.
●    Commercial agreement signed for the video clip.
●    Full agreement and signature (model release) for every individual taking part in the photo shoot and clip.
●    Voice over will be extra.


Project Start

  • Briefing

  • Ideas dicussion

  • Creative concept

  • Research

  • Storyboarding


Pre Production

  • Script Development

  • Shot listing

  • Talent selection

  • Logistics




Post Production

  • Briefing

  • Video Editing

  • Music (Original or Libery)

  • Color Grading

  • Motion Graphics

  • SFX

  • Logo Animation

  • Voice Over

  • Audio Mastering

  • Final delivery

  • Distribution


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