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Meet The
Ronen Aflalo
Content agency for Chocolate 

Ronen adds a personal touch to his recipes. He thinks “outside the box” and doesn’t fixate on one way of doing things.  His passion is to get up in the morning and make people smile, so it makes sense to expect unique combinations like strawberry-cilantro or whiskey-chestnuts in his repertoire. You should also keep in mind that his restaurant, Emilia "isn’t just a factory, but also features an adjacent chocolate studio as well and a gift shop."


❤ Emilya Chocolate Passion

January 03, 2023

Client: Emilya Chocolate Passion www.chocolate-passion.co.il
Chocolatier : Ronen Aflalo
Food Styling: www.Foo-Food.com
P.R.:SPIVAK Public Relations www.SpivakPR.com
Production: www.AbstractZen.com
Photographer: Eyal Gamili
Music composing: Erez Koskas www.ErezKoskas.com

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