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“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”
Benjamin Franklin

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Why advertise/invest in digital resources?

1. Because quality digital resources bring a high return on investment in relation to any other marketing tool.
2. Digital resources lead directly to customers taking action.
3. Digital resources increase sales for the brand they’re advertising.
4. Time: Digital resources function around the clock and are not limited in any way.
5. Digital resources open a direct channel for dialogue with consumers.
6. The Internet is by far the best, fastest, and most effective content marketing platform.

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Tishbi Estate 2004 Jonathan Tishbi Special Reserve
Single Vineyard Sde Boker Kosher Red wine

Wine and Plenty
The Memorial Gardens of Ramat Hanadiv, Zichron Ya'acov :
Baron Edmond de Rothschild's Dream Updated Agriculture, Fine Wines, Sustainability and Regional Prosperity

The second Israeli WineFest at Ramat Hanadiv is scheduled for the evenings of March 25th-26th, 2015. The event will showcase dozens of local wineries, offering free tastings of their wines, alongside samples of fine olive oils, cheeses, chocolates, and fresh farm products from Mt. Carmel the Hanadiv Valley region, the Jezreel Valley, and "Baron de Rothschild's municipalities": Zichron Ya'acov, Binyamina-Givat Ada, Emek Alona, and Emek Hefer.


Ruti Ben Israel, sommelier and proprietor of "Wine and Plenty" ("Eretz Kramim v'Ta'amim"), came up with the idea for the first regional WineFest, which was held last year at Ramat Hanadiv. This year, Ramat Hanadiv's management will be active partners of the festival.

Tishbi Fine Food

My guests arrive from all over Israel and abroad to visit the winery, and to taste and learn about wine. Wine-tasting is a daily occurrence at our restaurant, where you'll find natural, nutritious, and delicious dishes just like the food I serve at my own home.


Our new series, “Fine Foods by Oshra Tishbi,” is a natural progression that developed alongside the winery. I am pleased to share with you the savory tastes of our country-style kitchen, which you can experience in our restaurant and take home to share with your family. The series is comprised of a wide variety of products which I use on a daily basis: olive oil, honey or fresh fruit preserves, as well as new products inspired by the winery and restaurant. Wine and fine food go hand in hand and each combination creates a unique taste of its own.


Our product range is constantly expanding: from our wide array of Mediterranean dishes, to other gourmet products related to wine, food, and healthy living. The range’s flagship product is our wine preserves—produced from wine extractions and categorized according to the different grape varieties. Our wine jellies may be used for cooking, baking, as a spread, a topping and more.


I believe that both food and wine should be exciting, whether you are simply enjoying quiet, quality time on your own or want to make someone else happy with a wonderful, tasty gift. In my opinion, food prepared with attention to detail and enthusiasm is always more delicious; it’s all a matter of the culinary experience itself, and what you take away with you after the meal.


I invite you to share the experience—to taste, enjoy, and dare to indulge your senses.

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