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Shani Holtzeker

Founder & Food Stylist

“Smile and the world smiles with you...” was born out of my idea to create something I’ve always been passionate about. I always knew I wanted to do something I hadn’t done yet, but didn’t know what exactly that special thing was until one day, a major event shook the pillars of my very existence. I realized I needed to put the brakes on everything else and decide what I really wanted to do with myself.
Foo-Food was born out of a place of both uncertainty and a great deal of optimism, along with the need to do the things I’ve always enjoyed doing while keeping my freedom of thought and action.
My passion for food, design, photography, styling, and desire to revolutionize the culinary discipline were the driving forces behind this site.
I knew that it would be very difficult to create the right texture for the success of Foo-Food on my own, so I created a network of like-minded individuals who also wanted to succeed without compromising on quality. I started to mobilize new partners for a joint venture, and the puzzle began to take shape.
Foo-Food creates smart content always guided by an original vision that few others can boast of. We are able to channel our creative energy and see the world from a new, original perspective while muting out the background noise. This is what makes us stand out from the rest—this is what fuels Foo-Food.
No day goes by for me without having come up with something new. Foo-Food has made my creative dream a reality.
My job is the medium that allows me to share my creative genius with the world. 

Eyal Gamili

Creative - D.P - Founder

Mr. Gamili is a graduate of the renowned multidisciplinary Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design who began his professional career focusing on plastic arts, spent four years studying industrial design, and from there continued into the video world, directing and producing food advertisements, a number of popular cooking series for TV and YouTube, as well as lifestyle shows providing an inside look into the lives of successful individuals from around the world.

Erez Koskas

Film Composer

Erez Koskas is an award-winning composer. He began his musical career at age 12 as a drummer for a local band. He studied at two of the world’s premiere music academies—the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel (which is affiliated with the Berklee College of Music in the U.S.) and the Prague Conservatoire in the Czech Republic. Erez continued his studies in symphonic orchestration under the renowned composer Jan Friedlin. He then built his own music studio, where he has written and composed numerous acclaimed projects for television, commercials, and films that bring together a uniquely diverse array of musical styles. These styles include traditional folk, rock, Middle Eastern, European, and Orchestral music.

Chris Palmer, M.A.

Content Writer

Chris has spent a lifetime as an empathetic creative. He is endlessly fascinated by people and life and all of the things we do and crave. He creates stories around the deepest human dreams and desires. That entirely human and philosophical focus has allowed him to write, create, and speak about the human connection. In the end, that’s why we chose him to be part of our team. Because fully and humanly understanding exactly what a person needs and wants and craves is at the core of everything we create. So every communication starts with what you truly want to express and share and accomplish when communicating to your ideal clients. Chris puts all of that into stories that resonate with the very human beings you serve and wish to serve with your products or services. We fully believe that human connections are everything.  Every word we write—and every image we create—will always be about profoundly connecting you to the humanity at the center of all of us.  It connects people to products and services that respect their humanity and act as a conduit to the things to which we all collectively aspire.  Everything is human. Business. Life. All of it. We can’t wait to tell your story.

Eitan Divinsky

Content writer

Eitan Divinsky grew up in suburban Chicago and came to Israel at the age of 19. He has a BA in English Literature and General Studies from Tel-Aviv University to go along with over 10 years of blogging and content writing experience.


Eitan is a tremendously creative individual. Besides coming up with original content for Foo-Food, he has produced hip-hip videos which can be found on his YouTube channel and a poetry compilation available on Amazon. He is currently working on his second book.


While working as a technical writer for a leading high tech company in Jerusalem, he continues blogging on his site:

Noa Kanarek

Food Stylist

Noa Kanarek is one of the top food stylists in Israel. She not only styles food but also creates the most mouthwatering pictures for some of the largest restaurant chains in the country. Be warned: her pictures are so tempting, you may feel an urge to consume them. 

Joseph Goeppinger

Sales Manager

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