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How to Separate Your Recipe Vid From the Rest of the Field

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​While the internet is saturated with recipe videos, only a few channels have captured people’s imagination, attracting a large following and raking in the big bucks. Here’s a short list of tips for that separates the popular channels from the one-time attraction.

Recipe Above All

A professional shooting studio, quality video equipment and voice-over, and original ideas likely to be enjoyed by a wide audience are all important for your success. But providing viewers inaccurate recipe information could end up getting your video taken down from YouTube as a result of negative feedback from dissatisfied customers. Unfavorable comments may bring down your entire campaign even if your product is generally good. Investing in seasoned chefs and perfecting your recipes as we have done at Foo-food, is an absolute “must” if you want your recipe vids to succeed.

Ease & Functionality

The recipes that get the most attention are the simple ones that don’t require any previous experience or sophisticated equipment. You don’t want people struggling to get through a 15 minute video on how to make the most riveting dessert for their in-laws. What you do want is snappy, easy-to-follow directions for making tasty meals in no time. (We’ve noticed that instructional subtitles along with video of food preparation work better than actual voice-over).

Inspiring Dishes

One of the elements that can make a significant impact on how popular your channel becomes and how much time it takes for that to happen is how unique your recipes are. Offering your audience dishes that are hard to come by using a simple Google search is a lot more attractive than ones that appear in cookbooks from 30 years back.

Think Outside the Box

Remember the pre-Facebook era? It seems like a distant memory from a distant age. Online marketing is a very fluid business that’s constantly altered by emerging trends. Thinking outside the box and coming up with novel ideas that have yet to be implemented can make you an instant hit and produce a cash cow for the ages. Offering viewers culinary workshops or recipe books to entice them to subscribe to your channel, setting up instructional webinars featuring renowned chefs, organizing real-life samplings of popular dishes, and providing them an opportunity to cross-link to your channel in return for additional rewards are all creative ways of introducing additional marketing dimension to your campaign.

Make Sure Recipes are in-Season

While plenty of recipes are just fine year-round, others are traditionally made during specific seasons of the year. There are also some—like apple pie and turkey stuffing that are big hits during the holiday season and are a great idea to be featured during that time of year.

The Winning Combo

The best way to get the most out of your recipe vids and eventually turn customer appeal into actual profit is by combining all the tips above—or at least bits and pieces of each one. How well you do ultimately depends on a lot more than practical business advice. It also involves factors like human acumen and how passionate you are about making great food. When it comes down to it, anyone can make great recipe videos with enough talent, drive, and ability to learn and improve.

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