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Presenting “Ayana,” the Newest Vegan Restaurant in Petach Tikva

We’re proud to present the first vegan restaurant in Petach Tikva! It was founded on the values ​​of compassion, love, happiness and health. Restaurant owners Yehuda and Liat Zack indulge patrons with a choice of vegan pizzas along with a wide variety of scrumptious vegetable dishes, as well as a combination of authentic national cuisines, and a selection of other tasty surprises.

Ayana is a place that offers a comfortable, homely setting along with heartfelt service and food prepared with lots of love. You’ll find a wide selection of entrees, main dishes and desserts, as well as pizzas, pastas, salads, home-made dishes, hot dogs and hamburgers on our diverse menu. All the dishes are exclusively vegan, with an emphasis on quality, taste and health.

Address: Stampfer 42, Petah Tikva

Phone: 053-2324222

Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday: 11: 00am-11:00pm; Fri: 10:00am- 3:00pm; Sat: 8:00pm-11:00pm


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