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Tishbi Winery Restaurant Israel

My guests arrive from all over Israel and abroad to visit the winery, and taste and learn about wine. Wine-tasting is a daily occurrence at our restaurant, where you'll find natural, nutritious and delicious dishes just like the food I serve at my own home.

Our new series, “Fine Foods by Oshra Tishbi”, is a natural progression that developed alongside the winery. I am pleased to share with you the savory tastes of our country-style kitchen, which you can experience in our restaurant and take home to share with your family. The series is comprised of a wide variety of products which I use on a daily basis: olive oil, honey or fresh fruit preserves, as well as new products inspired by the winery and restaurant. Wine and fine food go hand in hand and each combination creates a unique taste of its own.

Our product range is constantly expanding: from our wide array of Mediterranean dishes, to other gourmet products related to wine, food, and healthy living. The range’s flagship product is our wine preserves – produced from wine extractions and categorized according to the different grape varieties. Our wine jellies may be used for cooking, baking, as a spread, a topping and more.

I believe that both food and wine should be exciting, whether you are simply enjoying quiet, quality time on your own or want to make someone else happy with a wonderful, tasty gift. In my opinion, food prepared with attention to detail and enthusiasm is always more delicious; it’s all a matter of the culinary experience itself, and what you take away with you after the meal.

I invite you to share the experience – to taste, enjoy, and dare to indulge your senses.

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