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How to make Fruits SPRING ROLLS Vegetarian Gluten-free Dessert recipes

The spring roll is one of the most popular sushi types. It’s been exceedingly popular since its inception. The recipe below shows you how to make your own vegetarian/vegan spring roll in a small number of easy steps:


Very thinly sliced fruit

Fresh nana leaves

Rice paper

For the sauce:

Juice from 2 passionfruit

Juice from half an orange

Half small cup of sugar

Recipe instructions:

Once all the fruits are thinly sliced, place the rice paper in a bowl of lukewarm water for a few seconds till it becomes a bit sticky.

Squeeze out the water between a folded towel and place a bit of each fruit along with 2 nana leaves on the rice paper.

Fold the rice paper from the top and bottom on its left-hand side. Afterwards, roll the rice paper from left to right pulling it slowly along.

For the sauce:

Warm up juice made of half an orange and a passionfruit. Bring it to a boil.

Place the spring rolls on a serving plate and the sauce in a separate bowl.


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