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Passover Ideas - Apple Charoset with Ginger

Apple Haroset with Ginger great recipe for a sweet Passover dessert Here’s a great recipe for a sweet Passover dessert for the whole family:

(Recipe for cooking in a jar)


Thinly-sliced apple

Handful of chopped walnuts

3 centimeters of ginger root

Half cup of sugar

Half cup of water

Half cup of mashed apples

Recipe directions:

Scrape the fiber-less ginger using a grater with small holes. Heat the water, sugar, the cut-up apple and ginger meat and bring to a boil until the liquid softens and the apple contracts. Add the nuts to the rest of the ingredients, (when the mixture is no longer hot) mix and pour into a jar.

Have a happy and sweet holiday!

#If you would like it to be less spicy, you can use sweet instead of fresh ginger. Use approximately 4 slices. Cut them up into thin pieces and place in the pan.

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