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Our Recipes for Sugar-free Desserts

Our Recipes for Sugar-free Desserts

Starting with our delicious chocolate mousse and continuing with our vegetarian milk-free, egg-free recipes, our talented chefs “Conditator” and Or Ben Oliel prepare an assortment of cakes and desserts that aren’t only sweet, but also healthy. These appetizing desserts are a great treat for those of you trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, as well as those suffering from diabetes.


  1. 125 grams of sugar-free dark chocolate

  2. 75 grams of butter at room temperature

  3. 3 egg yolks

  4. 4 egg whites

  5. 3 Teaspoons of sugar

  6. 3 Tablespoons of milk

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Combine the chocolate and milk with the bain marie.

  2. Decrease the fire and add butter.

  3. Add the egg yolks and chocolate to the mixture, place on the bain marie for an additional minute.

  4. Mix the egg whites in the mixer with a pinch of salt.

  5. Once the chocolate cools off, combine gently using folding motion and separate into serving cups.

*We recommend adding grated chocolate on top for decoration.

Patisserie shef: Or Ben Oliel: Photography, and editing: Eyal Gamili Holtzeker


Concept: Eyal Gamili Holtzeker

Production & Styling: Shani Holtzeker

Drawer chest in video: Provence Design Rashfon

Mixer: Newpan

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