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Red Bamba Sweet Dessert


Red bamba

Sweet cream

2 egg yolks 20g cornflower 2 tablespoons sugar 250 mL vanilla milk

Recipe instructions:

Separate ingredients into 2 bowls: 1 with the cornflower, egg yolks, and a little of the milk and vanilla and in the other, the milk, vanilla, and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Boil the milk in the 2nd bowl. Pour a little of the substance in the 2nd bowl into the 1st, mix quickly, combine the liquids of the two bowls, and boil again in order to mix the contents till you get a thick texture. Turn down the heat and cool off by whipping in the mixer (you can shorten this process by cooling for 2 minutes in the microwave). Whip the sweet cream till you get whipped cream. Put the cream and the whipped cream together by mixing gently. Divide into 2 bowls: one with the vanilla cream and the other with the cream and red bamba crumbs that will provide the pink coloring. Divide into serving glasses and decorate with the red bamba from on top.

Patisserie shef: Or Ben Oliel: Photography, and editing: Eyal Gamili Holtzeker


Concept: Eyal Gamili Holtzeker

Production & Styling: Shani Holtzeker

Drawer chest in video: Provence Design Rashfon

Mixer: Newpan

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