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Chocolate Cake

Simple chocolate cake recipe that will take just a few minutes and doesn’t require a mixer.

Ingredients for 26 cm. diameter cake:

1 ½ cups of flour

½ cup of cocoa

1 bag of baking powder

1 tablespoon drinking soda

½ cup of sugar

200 gram soft butter

½ cup of milk

½ cup strong coffee

2 eggs

1 spoon vanilla extract

¼ cup coconut powder for covering the bottom of the pan


1. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees. Oil up the pan and cover it with coconut powder.

2. In a bowl, mix flour with baking powder, the soda and the sugar and the vanilla extract.

3. Add the butter and mix well.

4. Add the milk and the coffee slowly and mix until you get a uniform mixture.

5. Pour the mixture into the baking pan, place it into the oven and lower the temperature to 170 degrees.

6. Bake for half an hour or till you can place a toothpick into the cake and it comes out clean.

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